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Clients receive practical advice on business issues tailored to meet their objectives from experienced accountants and business advisers. The firm has adequate resources to advice on most financial matters.

Clients can be assured that the advice received takes into account the client’s culture and customs in addition to laws and regulations, thus ensuring the success of their business


The Firm provides fully outsourced management accounting and company secretarial services to entities with limited resources that wish to focus management effort on growing their business. We also pride ourselves to be IFRS specialists.

The firm also provides the following services:

·         Review and compile financial statements

·         Review current accounting procedures and internal controls 

·         Implement or improve on computerized accounting systems

·         Training and support for accounting staff

·         Bookkeeping and payroll services



Corporate Taxation

Taxation affects all businesses. Developing effective tax strategies that encompass the whole entity is essential so that the impact of an approach of a particular transaction/s is considered in relation to its effect on the overall tax position of the entity and management objectives. It is also a fact of life that the tax legislation is becoming ever more complex.

The Firm has specialist knowledge and experience to assist clients deal with all the different aspects of taxation and, where required, negotiate with SARS on their behalf. The Firm aims to minimise taxation and maximise wealth for clients whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation. For example, we advise on:

·         Compliance requirements

·         VAT

·         Withholding taxes

·         Transfer pricing

·         Customs duties

·         Dividend, royalty or interest planning

·         Employment taxes and employee benefits

Personal Taxation

The Firm also advices on taxation of individuals



Corporate Governance/King III

As standards of corporate behaviour come under increasing scrutiny, senior managers need to take account of the rules, regulations and best practises concerning Corporate Governance. Our specialists provide practical advice in this important area.

Risk Management

Expert advise on risk management, review of  not only financial risks but other  areas including operations, resources and reputation that can have a dramatic impact on the continuing success of an entity.

Internal Audit

Internal audit plays a valuable role in providing assurance that key controls are in place and operating effectively so that financial and other corporate risks are managed. Advice on, and assistance with the operation of an internal audit service is provided. Internal audit can also be outsourced to us.

Business valuations

These may be required for a variety of reasons. The Firm has experts with strong track records in establishing and valuing companies and other business structures. Where required, our reports are used as support in litigations or negotiations with tax authorities.

Fraud prevention and detection

Fraud is now a fact of business and its cost to business could be enormous. Advice is available on prevention and detection of fraud, whether carried out using traditional methods or via the internet.

Other professional advice

The Firm maintains close contacts with business leaders, bankers, lawyers and other professionals in our community and can make introductions where required.




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